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  Q: Is lampware's programming compatible with Windows and other OS's?
  A: Yes, lampware's programming is compatible with Linux, Windows, Apple, Solaris, etc. and their browsers Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, etc.  This is because lampware's programming is mostly done on the server side not the client side. All clients can be accommodated.

  Q: How long has lampware, inc. been in business?
  A: lampware, inc. was incorporated in 2002.  Arizona Corporation Commission / Oregon Corporation Commission

  Q: What is your specialty?
  A: lampware, inc. has written many application on the "LAMP" platform such as task/ticket management, document imaging, documentation, ad hoc query tool(s), etc.  We have also worked extensively on C code, shell scripting and system ports/interfaces.

  Q: What is your rate?
  A: We are comparable to the industry's rates.  We go above and beyond our competition with our service!

  Q: How many lines of code has lampware, inc. written?
  A: lampware, inc. has written tens of thousands of lines of code for its clients.

  Q: How do I contact lampware, inc?
  A: By email to Kent

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